May 2019 Retreat (Turkey Edition)

May 2019 Retreat

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This is our first ever retreat in Turkey!! 


Our May 2019 retreat is a week-long retreat at a private villa in


This week will be focused on meditation with a 7 day chakra

 course as well as complimentary crystal healing and Reiki healing treatments throughout the week.

This is the perfect way to remove yourself from the hassle of your daily life, to calm your mind.

This retreat is perfect for solo explorers and couples alike.

The Destination

Staying in a private luxury villa, all members will have access to fresh food (suitable for all dietary requirements) and drinks, all within the price of the retreat.

There will also be the option to have a private two-person room for the couples in the villa. (Please express your wish for this when booking)

You will not be confined to the villa as we offer a day trip to a traditional Turkish bath and a tour (via land and sea) with a licenced tour guide!

The Full Package

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Take part in our 7-day chakra meditation classes which includes daily meditation classes as well as a crystal and reiki candle for each chakra. 

Start your day off right with a morning yoga class open to all and end it with a meditation class as the sun is setting.

Each participant is eligible to 2 Reiki sessions and 1 Crystal healing session included in the price of the retreat.

Reserve your place!