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All of our reflexologists are Level 5 clinical reflexologists, So you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology treats the person as a whole. It is a deeply relaxing and energizing holistic therapy, based on the principle that the body is divided in ten equal, vertical parts, ending with the fingers and toes.  These vertical entry pathways can become blocked, preventing the body from functioning properly, thus causing imbalances. Reflexology ultimately releases any blockages and restores the free flow of energy and blood circulation to the whole body. This is done by stimulating reflexes by applying a massage technique to the feet, which corresponds to tissues, organs and systems throughout the entire body. The body is therefore encouraged to heal itself, restoring and maintaining natural equilibrium. It promotes relaxation and a general sense of well being too. 

Who can benefit?

Reflexology is natural and  safe for all ages. The treatment effects the whole person, so it can benefit everyone, bringing relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions More people are using reflexology for stress related problems; relaxing balancing and harmonizing the body.A few examples of conditions it benefits are:

Back and neck problems

Digestive disorders



High blood pressure


Reflexology can also increase fertility, as it:

Relieves stress

Rids the body of toxins

Improves the hormonal and reproductive function

Balancing all body systems and energy pathways

A Typical Treatment

On the first visit there’s a Consultation prior to treatment; a discussion of medical history and lifestyle. Total confidentiality is assured. The client lays barefoot, on a comfortable treatment chair whilst soothing music plays, creating a relaxing environment. During treatment, a specific massage technique is used to apply pressure on reflex areas throughout the feet, stimulating the body's healing forces into action. Usually the treatment soothes and relaxes the client, though occasionally there can be discomfort in places. However, the discomfort is often fleeting and tends to be an indication of congestion or an imbalance in the body. Usually the treatment lasts an hour. When the body is in-tune, it is recommended to follow up with regular treatments to ensure the maintenance of health and well-being. 

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Reflexology for Infertility

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Our reflexologists specialise in Infertility Reflexology. Make an appointment to come and see us and have an informal chat about what we do and if we can help you.

From conception to birth packages.

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Let us take you on your journey. We offer a package that includes reflexology to help you to get pregnant. Then when pregnant, we provide reflexology and pregnancy massage all throughout your pregnancy until you give birth. Also giving advice on your birthing options and breast-feeding.