Meet the Team

Amanda McAuley, holistic therapist in Sheffield and West Kensington; massage therapist, reiki master

Amanda McAuley

My name is Amanda McAuley

AET, CNHC, MFHT, MGHT, TRA, certHE PRM (level 5 Reflexology),

VTCT (Dip Massage)

Prior to creating 'In Perfect Harmony', I was not in a good place mentally or spiritually. After just getting out of an abusive marriage and being forced to move away from my loved ones, I had a lot of health problems, including depression and chronic fatigue.

It was at this time I first discovered holistic therapies and I fell in love! Reiki particularly resonated with me as it seemed to revivie my sense of self and belonging. When I was strong enough, I began studying and practising Reiki myself.

I had previously discovered the importance of touch as I trained as a breastfeeding counsellor and birthing/post-natal Doula, as well as mothering five children of my own. I am a driven holistic therapist, motivated to teach others the importance of touch - how it can nurture and heal you. 

It is my mission to help as many people as possible to enhance their lives through various types of massage, level 5 clincal reflexology, and Reiki (of which I am a master/teacher)

Gillian Crow-Santander, holistic therapist, Sheffield, massage therapist, massage

Gillian Crow-Santander

Hi my name is Gillian Crow-Santander MTI.

Although I was born in the city of Sheffield, I have lived and worked in many different places before moving back to my hometown after the birth of my child.

Since becoming a parent I have spent some time trying to  find myself again and find what it is I love to do and what I want to be.  I discovered it was massage! I love it!  I can honestly say it has completely changed my life and the lives of those around me.

I had suffered from depression, insomnia and anxiety my whole life and it was not until I had started my massage training that I began to feel and sleep better.  During my training, I also received a lot of massage treatments and I started to notice that when I had had a treatment I felt better in myself not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  I began to study the benefits of massage and made the decision to pursue it.

I love to see the change it can make for other people, it is amazing to see the difference.

Since qualifying I have been Reiki-attuned, I meditate everyday and do yoga. I am convinced that implementing these changes to my life has helped me become the happy person I am today.

I just want to share the love through massage!

Contact Gillian on 07500832482​

Louise Grundy, holistic therapy, Sheffield, zero balancing

Louise Grundy

Hi, my name’s Louise I qualified in Holistic therapeutic massage in 2008 and worked at Yoga Shala for 2 years. In 2010, I worked on a voluntary basis as a massage therapist at St Luke’s Hospice, whilst there I was inspired to learn more and qualified as a reiki practitioner in 2010 then as a reflexologist in 2011. I continued to volunteer once a week at St. Luke’s and also worked when needed as a paid ‘bank therapist’ offering massage, reiki or reflexology. I also set up my own business as a mobile reflexologist. 

In 2013, I discovered the benefits of Zero Balancing. I was surprised how a relatively short session of Zero Balancing changed the way my body felt and how I felt emotionally, these feelings lasted for days after the session. In 2014 I began training in Zero Balancing and qualified in November 2016.

At the moment I am the only ZB practitioner in Sheffield and I have recently joined the In Perfect Harmony team.

I Look forward to sharing the magic of Zero Balancing with the people of Sheffield.

Contact Louise on 07717496742​

Fiona Balaban, Sheffield, holistic therapy, spiritual healing, crystal healing, holistic therapist

Fiona Balaban

I  am a complementary therapist registered and insured with the Federation of Holistic Therapists. I trained as a reiki therapist in 1995 and 1999 followed by further training with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in 2005/6. I, also, offered healing at several Mind Body Spirit events in Yorkshire from 2006 to 2014 with the NFSH (now The Healing Trust). However, working with crystals has always been a draw for me since studying geology at school in 1977, and in 2015 I gained a diploma in Crystal Healing with the British Academy of Crystal Healing. I now offers a range of energy healing therapies drawing on these skills.  More recently, I have added Bach Flower Remedies as a further therapy modality. 

From 2015 to the end of 2018, I have been offering a large range of personally selected crystals, Himalayan salt lamps and tea lights, incense and incense holders. I am happy to source rarer crystals for my customers.

Contact Fiona on 07846194041